Edward Bandito and Kitty

This is a funny cartoon starring a deranged bandito and his magical talking kitty cat. Actually the cat may not really be magical or talking. Bandito may be more deranged than we think. We accompany our epinomious heroes through various pixelated adventures in the vast harsh outskirts of the internet, as they search for food, the meaning of life, and exactly what that smell is.

History and future

It was heady uncertain days of early 2005. I thought: wouldn't it be fun to let the internet write a cartoon. So I created Bandito Loves Kitty an experiment in crowd creativity that allowed any anonymous user to write a panel in this series. That resulted in the first 4,240 single-panel cartoons here, written by myself, some of my close friends, as well as the public at large.

The experiment has been closed since 2008, but Bandito lives on! I revamped and relaunched in Bandito Loves Kitty in 2015 because they still make me laugh, and I'm always thinking of new ridiculous and absurd trouble for our friend's to get into. I love these characters and have never given up on them.

I will be the sole writer and artist on Bandito Loves Kitty for the foreseeable future. I will write new cartoons whenever they occur to me-- sometimes a dozen a day, sometimes none for days on end. I will add new artwork and characters.

I plan to adapt Bandito into other media and experiences. I have two episodes of an animated Bandito Loves Kitty cartoon show written and partially finished pencil tests that make my two-year-old son giggle. I have a retro video game started. Both projects collecting digital dust waiting for the right time to see the light of day. Plus I have a plethora of ideas just itching to get started.

Thanks for reading this. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you get some enjoyment from these cartoons. I hope they make you chuckle. I hope they make you laugh out loud till tears shoot out and your face turns red, just don't die. In fact, ask your doctor if you're healty enough for Bandito before use.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Roger Kenny